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When Daisy Lou arrived at our studio, fresh off the plane from Maryland, she told us, "I want some hot Latina cock to suck and fuck." Hey, when a woman knows what she wants, we're happy to give it to her. So here, Daisy Lou, a 52-year-old waitress/swinger/cock- lover is introduced to Juan Largo, one of our resident studs. They skip the greetings and go right to the sex, and damn if it doesn't look like Juan is going to break Daisy Lou in half with his cock. He doesn't, of course. He just makes her cum. "About a hundred times," Daisy Lou said. "His cock felt so good, I can't wait for the video." That'll be on Thursday, Daisy Lou. You can wait..can't you? .

Tight-bodied Riley Wayne, 59, is from Las Vegas, which shouldn't surprise you. A lot of hot MILFs live in Las Vegas. What might surprise you is that this divorcee, who's fucking right here for the cameras, is a teacher. Yeah, that's right, a teacher! "Oh, I'm so horny," she says to her stud. "Rub my clit. It makes me so horny." Why, Miss Wayne, you shouldn't be talking that way in a classroom! "I don't," she said. "In my professional life, I'm totally proper. It's when I leave work that I become..improper?" Call it what you want. Riley says she gets off on "fucking big cocks" and masturbating. She enjoys vacationing at Hedonism II in Jamaica, where she's naked all the time and spends her days and nights "fucking as many times as I can." And her sexual fantasy? That's easy.

"I'm 55, and it's a rush to think that I can still turn somebody on," 55-year-old divorcee Connie McCoy said the first time she visited our studio. Well, she didn't just turn somebody on. She turned on an entire galaxy of members, who immediately made her one of our most popular women ever. And why not? Connie's got the looks, the body, the sex skills, and, yes, the gaping pussy that stardom is made of. No wonder she's the cover model of the next issue of 50Plus MILFs magazine (on-sale in November). What's amazing is that even after all of your comments about her first two scenes (which highlighted her incredible flexibility and ability to take it up the ass), she's still the same modest Connie, not quite understanding why so many men think she's so hot, marveling at her ability to transform herself into a porn star in her mid-50s, reading Ken Follett novels in our studio's styling room while getting ready for her shoots, metaphorically checking her back for an expiration date on her sexuality. She hasn't found one yet. Neither have we. Anyway, in this scene, lovely Connie uses her mature mouth to suck and lets her pussy gape and takes a sticky, dripping load all over her pussy. And here's the good news: There's more Connie to come!

"One of the wildest things I've done?" said Debi, a 50-year-old from Las Vegas who has done a lot of wild things. "I'm not going to name names, but you know the MTV Video Music Awards? I fucked one of the guys who was a presenter. We were fucking in a broom closet, and they were calling for him to go on, and he literally had to pull his cock out of my pussy and stuff it back in his pants to go out onstage to present an award. He had on these tight pants, and you could see his hard-on, and he had this big, shit-eating grin on his face." The guy didn't get to cum in the broom closet, but he did get to cum later in the limousine and back at the hotel. Debi never leaves a man high and dry. "I try not to leave an ounce of cum behind," said Debi, smiling. In this scene, she gets the Lucas treatment, getting fucked hard by Lucas's big cock. And, no, she doesn't leave an ounce of cum behind. But don't worry. She'll have no trouble getting Lucas hard again for the video version of this scene, which is something you have to see.

Sometimes things don't quite work out as you planned. You own a small business, and you've done everything right, but still, the IRS audits your tax return. In a situation like this, even an honest man--a man who's 100% sure of his innocence--gets a little nervous, and then the bitch from the IRS shows up and starts pushing you around. Gets in your face. Gets her tits in your face. Hey, wait a minute! Is that an IRS agent or is it 50Plus MILF Chanel Carrera? "Your tax returns are fine," she tells you, bending over to give you an eyeful of firm tit. "In fact, they're so good that you deserve some MILF pussy." Suddenly, your life has taken a turn for the best. Yes, sometimes things don't work out as you planned. Sometimes, you think you're getting fucked over by the IRS, and before you know it, you're fucking a sexy IRS agent (who, you might notice, has great pussy lips that wrap around your cock). Good jacking. And many happy returns.

Introducing Daisy Lou, a 52-year-old divorcee from Maryland who spends a lot of time in Florida because "that's where the hot action is." By hot action, she means swing parties. Daisy Lou goes to a lot of them, and it's not unusual for her to take on five or six guys a night. She's an asker, and she has plenty of takers. "I like to fuck young studs," she said. "I recently met a 20-year-old waiter at one of the parties. I couldn't fuck him then because he was working, but I definitely plan on fucking him real soon." Living in the Washington, D.C. area, Daisy Lou often waitresses at parties attended by high-profile politicians and such. Yes, she's fucked some of them, too. Which kind of led to us asking her, "Daisy Lou, do you live for sex?" "That's why I'm here," she said as she reached out for our stud's cock. Like we had to ask.

Since making her debut, Rita Daniels has done a lot of things. She's fucked two total strangers. She took it up the ass from Juan Largo. And now, Rita is going to fuck and suck her first black cock. Rita was a little nervous before this scene was filmed, not just because she'd never been fucked by a black man but because she knew how hung Lucas is. "I'm sure it'll feel great," Rita decided, "once he gets me good and wet. He has a head-start. My pussy is wet already." Rita turned 60 in late June, but she was 59 when this scene was filmed. She looks ultra-sexy here in her strapless red dress, and we love how she shows off her recently-fucked asshole in the early shots. The set opens with Rita Daniels putting on an ass show. Then she sucks Lucas's cock good and hard, slobbering all over it in the shameless way that only a mature woman can. She swallows nearly every inch of his dick before getting thoroughly impaled by black cock (with more asshole fingering). Finally, she takes his load on her face. When she was finished fucking Lucas, Rita told us, "I don't think that will be my last black man.".

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For her second appearance at, Shana DuPlae, a 51-year-old horse trainer from Minnesota, proves that slim ladies can take it in the ass, too. Not that we ever had any doubt, but we kinda wanted to see for ourselves. Shana is in complete control of the action in this pictorial, telling Juan exactly what to do and how to do it, and that's kind of refreshing when you realize that even though Shana is in command, she's still sucking his balls and taking it up the ass. She even gets DP'd by Juan's cock and a dildo (we told you last time that Shana enjoys DPing herself with dildos when she's masturbating; here, she substitutes one of the dildos for a real cock). Most guys think that women give up their asses for the benefit and pleasure of their man, but that's not the case with Shana. "Sure, I like to please a man by letting him fuck my ass," she said. "But it feels good for me, too. I think more women should try it." Shana DuPlae: International Spokeswoman for Anal Sex.